Two years of tradition and fun in Tirana Castle

It has been two years since the opening of Tirana Castle, where it clearly combines Tirana tradition with contemporary entertainment, quickly becoming one of the most attractive points not only for young people in Albania but also for foreign tourists. What is really attractive in this tourist destination of the capital, is the fact that the promotion of culture, history, cuisine and art in Albania is done in a business and entertainment environment.

But what is special about this castle, unlike other castles in Albania, which preserve part of the historical heritage. First, the castle and the environment inside it is the inherited property of the Toptani family, which in the last two years turned it into a tourist attraction, but not only, also a “Bazaar” of the city, while it is one of the unique historical monuments coexists “even with modern and new development trends.

Toptani, CEO of Tirana Castle, shows that tourists have more curiosity for cuisine, especially traditional cuisine, but also for the historical part. “There were tourists who came in groups, but they also came themselves because here we the positioning element and I think it has become a very good ensemble, where it gives tourists comfort”,  said the CEO of Tirana Castle.

On the other hand, the environment is a place frequented by young people, who in addition to enjoying cooking or music, they are familiar with the history of the castle, but also with the history of the country, as exhibitions with archival documents and photographs of different historical periods.

There are many foreign visitors who do not leave Tirana without visiting the castle, getting acquainted with the history, art, culture, cuisine, but also promoting in their countries the capital of Albania as a tourist destination.

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