Mujahedins address Johansson for help

“I was informed that you would go on a two-day visit in Albania. You will meet high officials there, to discuss about the European integration. In the name of the MEK community that is suffering in Albania, i am asking you to raise your voice over our human rights.”

This line is written in a letter that the CEO of the Nejat Society, Ebrahim Khodabandeh, sent to the EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Ylva Johansson.

“From 2016, 3.000 mujahedins are located in Manze, in an isolated camp” writes Khodabandeh. “They are not allowed to meet their families. They cannot even hear their children’s’ voices or get a message from them”.

For a reminder, this community, was brought to Albania based on a deal made with the US. The location of the camp, including the financing for it’s building, was made by the mujahedins themselves. For this fact, we cannot say that they are being kept by force in the camp.

According to Khodabandeh’s claims, “hundreds of letters are sent from their families towards Albanian institutions”. “Despite the requests from MEK, the Albanian Government does not grant visas for Iranian citizens to visit their families in the camp”.

Another concern raised in the letter is the outbreak of Covid-19. “Tens of members of the organization have died because of the pandemic. The lack of healthcare is complicating life there”.

The EU commissioner was asked to raise all the concerns mentioned in the letter.

However, there is no official response from the high ranked EU official.

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