“Without an agreement with Serbia, there’s no perspective for EU integration”

“Dialogue with Belgrade is something you can’t neglect”, said Viola von Cramon, in a series of tweets on Twitter, where she congratulated Kosovars on Independence Day.

“You’ve made many steps on the long road”, writes Von Cramon, adding that “what is ahead of you isn’t only easy”.

The German politician continues her status on Twitter saying that “your country is full of potential, but “instability often seems like the rule, not the exception”.

“Less polarization & more unity”, is one of her messages.

“Internally, you have to fight corruption & help the economy, but without an agreement with Serbia, there’s no perspective for EU integration”.

Von Cramon says that the EU has to do its job “by granting visa-free regime to Kosovo ASAP”.

“But no one should expect that there is a better future ahead without work, engagement and even compromises”.

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, had similar messages, but with softer tones than Von Cramon.

He said that “reaching a comprehensive agreement centred on mutual recognition (with Serbia) will require all sides to demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to compromise”.

These messages come at a time when the winner of the elections in Kosovo, the chairman of the Self-Determination Movement, Albin Kurti, says that dialogue with Serbia is not one of his top priorities.

Kurti, in an interview with the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, said that the citizens of Kosovo have other priorities.

“This topic (dialogue with Serbia) ranks sixth or seventh among the priorities of citizens”, said Kurti.

Therefore, it cannot be the main priority for his government either.

However, Kurti added, “I am ready to make a compromise, to put dialogue in the third or fourth order of my priorities”.

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