The new extradition treaty between the USA and Albania is signed

In her public speech, the Ambassador of the United States of America, Yuri Kim, announced the signing of an extradition treaty between the US Government and the Government of the Republic of Albania.

“This treaty is the latest evidence of the ever-increasing partnership between our countries,” the ambassador said.

The signed treaty is a replacement and modernization of the protocol ratified 87 years ago when Albania was still a kingdom, between then-Minister Faik Konica and the US Secretary of State, Cordell Hull.

“This extradition treaty provides a modern framework that will enable the US and Albania to deal more effectively with the dynamic challenges posed by international crime. It is an extended field of action to reflect modern concepts in the fight against crime. “There will be no safe heaven in Albania or the US for fugitives trying to escape justice,” said Yuri Kim.

During her speech, the ambassador stressed the importance of the effectiveness of this war regarding the process of full membership of Albania in the Euro-Atlantic family.

“The US will be close to Albania, despite the challenges it faces. We support the work of the Special Prosecution Office (SPAK) and we work with the National Bureau of Investigation (BKH) to find the best drafters. “Our partnership is of long life, our friendship is permanent”, said among others Ambassador Yuri Kim.

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