Vjosa Osmani starts two-day visit in Brussels

Kosovo’s President in duty, Vjosa Osmani, will start a two-day visit in Brussels on Tuesday.

First, she will have a meeting with the President of the European Parliament (EP), David Sassoli.  In the framework of meetings, Osmani will also meet the Commissioner for neighborhood and expansion of the European Union, Oliver Varhelyi.

During her stay, Osmani will meet deputies of the European Parliament, too. They are part of the Friendship Group of Kosovo in the EP : the vice president of EP, Rainer Wieland, the member of European Popular Party (EPP), Lukas Mans; the reporter for Kosovo in EP, Viola von Cramon – Taubade, the member of the Renew Europe group, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, and the  vice-president of EPP, Andrey Kovatechev.

During the evening, Osmani will have a meeting with the envoy of BE, Miroslav Lajcak, (mediatory in the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade).

On Wednesday, she will meet the president of Chamber of the Representatives, Eliane Tillieux and the president of the Belgium senate, Stéphanie D’Hose.

Vjosa Osmani took her duty as the president of Kosovo, on November 5 of 2020, after the resignation of former President, Hashim Thaçi from his post. He was called from the Hague Tribunal, under the accusations for war crimes and crimes against mankind.

The law based under the Article 90, gives Osmani the right to take the duty temporarily, under the absence of President Thaçi, for a period not longer than six months./AlbanianPost.com

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