Serbia is depopulating Albanians in the Presevo Valley

In recent years, Serbia has pursued discriminatory policies towards the Albanian population of the Presevo Valley and one of these policies is the deletion of addresses.

Positioned in the east of Kosovo, the Presevo Valley includes in its territory the municipality of Presevo in the south, the municipality of Bujanovac in the middle and the municipality of Medvedja in the north.

In the last four years, Serbian authorities have deleted over 4,000 Albanians from the civil registry in the municipality of Medvedja.

The discriminatory policy lies in the fact that when an Albanian citizen has his / her residence address deactivated and then deleted from the civil register in Serbia, this citizen cannot obtain a new identity card or passport, does not the right to receive medical services or social assistance, can not register a car, can not buy or sell property and can not vote in local or general elections in Serbia.

As a result of the passivity of the addresses of the Albanians, for the first time since the establishment of the municipality of Medvedja, from September 2019, the Albanians of Medvedja are no longer part of the local government.

Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, Gent Cakaj addressed this issue to the OSCE and other European bodies.

Justice, Integration and Unity Party (PDIU) showed its support for the Albanians of the Presevo Valley by calling for an end to ethnic cleansing of Albanians in order to not allow the precedent of a second Çamëria to take place in the region.

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