Rama: Fieri’s hospital will be public, the owners will be compensated

On January the 11th, Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, declared that the new Hospital of Fieri, which will be built by the Turkish government, will be public since the first day of its operation.

“The owners of the land where the hospital is going to be constructed, will be expropriated according to the law in power”, declared Rama.

For the moment, there are 12 families living in the place where the hospital will be constructed. The state has the power to decide where it should be built according to the public interests.

“The hospital will be public, not private. It will be a hospital of our public health system, where Turkey will contribute not only for building it, but even for the technology transfer. For a period of time it will be administrated by some Turkish specialists”, Rama added.

According to the law 7501, Article 19, the agricultural land is removed from the ownership or use. When various constructions and other economic activities are carried out of necessary state needs, the land owned by individuals can be seized. The state is obliged to replace them with another equivalent land, or to compensate them.

In addition to this, on January 11th, there have been demonstrations from the residents of Daullas village, Fier, for the hospital construction. They have declared that “the land, is the only source of their livelihood”./

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